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...a one-stop resource for screenwriters, provided by a working industry professional with years of experience inside the studio system.

What makes ScriptBird different? Some script development services offer blunt, critical feedback without suggestions for improvement. Others employ inexperienced readers, and what you pay for is what you get. Still others demand high fees in exchange for the experience of the reader.

ScriptBird is none of these -- we will always give you expert feedback that is honest, thoughtful, and most of all, relevant and useful:

  • Story notes on original screenplays

  • Creative collaboration on multiple drafts of a project from start to finish

  • Professionally written synopses and loglines to use as self-marketing tools

  • "ScriptBird has covered several of my scripts, and I now consider this service to be a crucial part of my education in screenwriting." -- Tim Tori, screenwriter

    Special Offers

    Refer a fellow writer to ScriptBird and receive 20% off a future job.

    Returning Clients - 10% loyalty discount on any screenplay or teleplay coverage.